My roof is not leaking right now…

In most cases, the roof will not leak for another 3 years after the repair.  To be eligible for your insurance to cover the cost, you must file within 1 year.

Can I schedule someone to just look at my roof and verify that everything is okay?

We will come out and tell you if you have hail damage and/or need repair or if it needs to be replaced. You do not want to have a bunch of temporary fixes if the whole thing needs to be replaced.

If we decide that you do need to replace the entire roof, then we will work within the law to get you the mitigate deductible as much as possible.

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What Kind of shingles do you install?

We have 3 manufactures that we recommend, but at the end of the day it’s your roof and we’ll gladly put on any shingles you want.

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Is your shingle manufacturer currently in a class-action lawsuit?

Yes. However, all of the top 5 manufacturers in the US have class-action lawsuits against them in US.  That’s 95% of all roofs in the US.  It all comes back to who installed your shingles, if they were installed properly, and if the installer was certified.  You have to have a certified installer to put on shingles.


It’s heating up and roofs are taking a beating. We are currently running our annual summer roofing special.

Are you licensed?

Riley-Sons Roofing is Hague certified with the RCAA (Roofing Contractors of America). However, there is no license for roofing in Texas so it is not necessary that you are licensed in Texas.

Do you have insurance?

We have at least a $2 million cap.

Are you bondable?

Yes, we are bondable. We have a business license and insurance.

How do you mitigate our deductible?

We will meet with your adjuster and identify anything that is damaged. If you do have some minor damage and pay for homeowners insurance, your insurance company needs to compensate you for the damage. We will apply that compensation toward the deductible lowering your out-of-pocket cost.

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