Looking at a damaged roof is never fun, but it is not the end of all hope. It can and will be fixed, even though the thought of replacement sounds expensive. One of the best resources you have available is your homeowner’s insurance. For this reason, roof damage claims are rather common. There is a process you can follow to have your homeowner’s insurance help pay for the damage. Unfortunately dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating or unpleasant so it is important to understand the process and pick up a few tips from this article!

Check your Policy

Not every roofing issue is covered by a policy so you must understand the terms of your coverage to win this battle. If your situation is highlighted in your policy as not being covered then you could be out of luck. If it is unclear, then there’s a chance your homeowner’s insurance can help pay for the roofing repairs.

Documenting the Damage

Insurance companies always want photos of the problem. Therefore, if you think you have roof damage then take photos of the roof. If you have before photos, they will help with your claim even more as proof that the damage occurred during a storm or natural disaster.

Request a Professional Opinion

One of the best forms of documentation can be from a professional roofing company. A detailed inspection will provide a professional assessment that will prove the roof requires some level of attention. You can search for free roofing consultations but if you are already in contact with the insurance company, they will likely set up an inspection.

Proofing to your homeowners insurance that a repair is required and it falls under your coverage may be difficult depending on the damage. Your best option is to hire a professional roofer to assess the damage and provide their expert opinion.