Hail storms are known to be severe and can lead to extensive damage on all types of roofs. Many homeowners assume their roof is strong enough to hold up to the damage, but it still needs attention after it’s had contact with hail. There are a few risks you take if you don’t repair your roof and fail to give it the attention it needs when harsh weather occurs.


Leaks are one of the most common types of damage to occur to roofs because hail can weaken the seal integrity of the shingles. This allows water into the building and can lead to damage to materials or belongings in the home. If the leaks are not repaired quickly, it can lead to mildew and mold in the home, which can put your family’s health at risk.

Fire Hazards

There’s a high risk of electrical hazards when leaks aren’t repaired. The water can have contact with different electrical components in the roof and increase your risk of a fire.

Extensive Damage

Over time, repairs that would initially be minor can become more severe and expensive to fix. Waiting too long to repair hail damage can cost you more in the long run than giving the roof the attention it needs immediately.

Understanding the severity of hail storms and the impact they can have on your roof can help you seek the services you need from a professional roofer. The expert will be qualified to identify what areas of the roof need to be fixed. Don’t let hail damage create a major problem — get your roof inspected by Riley-Sons Roofing and Construction.