We have helped hundreds of customers repair and install all types of roofs in the Austin and surrounding areas. From metal roofing to hotel and commercial roofing, we do it all. After our infamous Texas hailstorms we install new roofs from San Antonio to Killeen. Just because you don’t have money like Joe Biden or Ralph Macchio, doesn’t mean you can’t afford roofing in Austin. We work with your insurance company so you don’t need any money out of pocket. We’re here to help.

House roofs, metal roofs, and large commercial roofing, are our specialties.

How We Install a Roof

Have the materials dropped off prior to the day we start the roof.

On the day we start, we show up on-time. We will bring a dump trailer to begin to tear down of your existing roof. We must go all the way down to the deck. It should be noted that we will replace as many as three sheets for free. Most roofs will not need more than three sheets.

Once we begin the install, we start by installing a starter strip, drip beds, and ice & water shield. Then we shift to shingling. The standard required in Austin, Texas is 4-inch nails on shingles. When installation has been completed, we inspect the newly installed shingles for consistency. Our roofing materials are guaranteed up to 30 years. Call for details.

After that, its an all-hands-on-deck sweep of your yard for trash. We even go over your yard with a magnet to get the scraps. We’re not done until you feel that your yard has been cleaned of everything that came from the roof during installation. We try to leave your yard as clean, or cleaner than we found it.

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